Kansas City Personal Trainer
About The Owner

Hailee Justice is the founder and owner of Hailee Fit, LLC. She’s passionate about helping others to become the best versions of themselves through exercise, nutrition, and positive mindset. Her upbeat vibration and excitement for exercise always keeps you motivated for your training.  

She has a Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Hailee has experience in CrossFit, bodybuilding, strength and resistance training, HIIT training, weight loss, and specializes in women's fitness.


She competed in her first bodybuilding competition in April 2019, taking home two first place winnings in the NPC-IFBB Bikini. She is now Nationally Qualified to compete at the National level. Her dream is to become an IFBB pro and then to become a WBFF pro.