Kansas City Personal Trainer

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7000 N Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, MO 64118

Tel: 816.261.2862

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Personal Trainer
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Cancellation policy

Redemption Policy: If I cannot attend a schedule session, I will provide Hailee Justice of Hailee Fit a 24-hour notice. I understand that if I do not attend a scheduled session, I will forfeit the paid session and will not receive a refund.

Initial Cancellation Period: I may cancel this Agreement for any reason within three (3) days of my first purchased/scheduled session under this Agreement (“Initial Cancellation Period”). I may cancel this agreement by providing written notice of cancellation in person or by text or phone call. Email and/or voicemail are not considered viable means of cancellation communication due to time sensitivity and scheduling purposes. If I cancel this Agreement during the Initial Cancellation Period, I will receive a refund of any payments I have made for Fitness Services under this Agreement.

Cancellation of Fitness Services After Initial Cancellation Period: I may cancel this Agreement only for the specific causes provided in the State Law Provisions, which may include my death, disability and/or relocation. Any amounts I have paid will be pro-rated to the effective cancellation date.